Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to fix the total dead cell phone ?

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Problems or trouble commonly found in mobile phones can be categorized into 3 categories of damage are: 1. Problem Category Software 2. Hardware Problem category 3. Problem Category his SW and HW Mobile phone problem and its solution
1. Total dead cell phone Total dead cell phone there are 3 kinds, namely the total dead since · Die alone, · Total dead since fall, and · Total dead due to hit the water. a. Total death because death itself. Handling: The first can be done early steps following - Remove the battery and insert again or try to use another battery and try to power - Check the battery connectors and try to press to see the degree of bending or not, replace damaged when new. - Connect the charging of the phone, when the indicator entry and cell phone in turn still will not, then obviously you can not live phone because of interference from IC PA (Power Amplifier). After IC PA revoked your mobile phone can turn it on again. And so there shall be installed IC signal then the new PA. - When the tide does not exist and the charging indicator on the phone still will not turn on the need to do further tests to use power supply. But there may also have an ugly tin on the PCB, remove the IC PA solution, then clean the tin on the PCB where the IC PA stick, replace the old IC PA, HP turn, must have a flame. Examination with the power supply: Required power supply on a scale of 1 ampere ampere (A) or 1000 mA. With the aim that the examination can be more easily and clearly. The steps are as follows: - Connect the cable from the power supply to the mobile phone battery connector of at least 3 cables, the negative sequence, BSI and positive. (Black, green and red) - Navigate volt power supply at 3.6 V (or according to Hp it with a tolerance of 0.5 V) - The phone in the off state, then press the button on - If the current (amperes) in a digital ampere dipower supply pointer when pressed the button on, silence means there is a problem on its hardware (HW), it is necessary to check the components on / off until the battery. - If the amperage when pressed the button on, ride around? 50 mA, then the problem happened is a matter of software (SW), then you need to do is re-programmed HP (flash) or program upgrade to higher versions. b. Total dead since fall. Handling: - HP should not be tested by using the power supply, but HP should be dismantled first, heated, and repositioned back to the location / position of the components that change as a result of HP that fell earlier. - After that, the new HP may be tested using the power supply to determine the damage to the Hardware (HW) / Software (SW). - Most likely a damaged components as a result of a fall earlier HP is IC PA / IC Power. c. Total death due to hit the water. Handling: - For HP that hit the water was also the first time should not be tested by using the power supply, because the risk of short circuit occurs between the components in water, but HP must first be divakum, heated, or diblower by first cleaning fluid given IPA, also could use the grain silica to absorb the water that exists on the HP. - After HP confirmed it was dry, then we may use the power supply to know there is damage to the Hardware (HW) or software (SW). - At HP's exposed to water, typically involves damage to the accessories HPnya.


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